When Transformation Ends & The Light Comes

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When Transformation Ends & The Light Comes

When the storm of transformation ends and the new day dawns, enjoy the light! As it is this beautiful light that illuminates who you were created to be, how you’re to impact others and ways only you can shine your unique light. Without your unique light shining brightly, the world will suffer as only you can bring this special light into the world.

When you’ve broken through the darkness and moved forward into the light, it is time to celebrate your freedom to be you. The priceless gift you’ve given yourself, your loved ones, the world. You’ve traveled this meaningful, yet challenging journey for a reason. When the transformation ends, it is a new beginning.

It’s as if you’re a new baby. In many ways you are because you’ve let go of who you thought you were to allow who you were created to be to emerge, blossom and grow. This is a very formative space to discover who you really are so everything feels new; you feel different as you start over and explore the infinite possibilities for your life and for you.

Within this exploration is a time of growth and development as you embark on your new adventure. An adventure without limitations, obstacles or challenges holding you back or keeping you from moving forward to create the life you know is truly possible.

During this time, if you haven’t already, it’s important to define what you want your life to become, what you want your life to stand for and what contribution you want to give to the world. It’s your choice; your life is your responsibility, so why not choose to make your life an extraordinary adventure?

Because in my opinion, while you may not agree, there is only one way to live and that’s to live full out creating the truest expression of who we really are. To do this it’s essential to surround yourself with people who love you enough to encourage and support you in your freedom to be you. This is a significant time in your evolution and if you don’t have the freedom to be you, you’ll risk falling back into who you had been. You progressed too far and endured too much to go back, which is why having the freedom to be you is so significant as it will allow you to let your light shine.

I’m here to support you in any phase of your transformation. If you’ve not yet reached the end and it seems as if there is no more energy left to go on, I’d like to encourage you to look deeper to find the energy because this means the light is near. It’s true the storm is darkest before the dawn. Keep going you can break through, I believe in you! When the light comes your reward will be indescribable and your journey will be worth it so please keep pressing forward; you can persevere.

If I can help you, email me (Janice) from my “Get In Touch” page above or at to set up a free conversation where I’ll listen to understand what you’re going through and provide ideas to help you move forward through your transformation and to shine your light brightly because the world needs you!