When The Seas Of Change Swirl Around You, Will You Stand Strong?

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When The Seas Of Change Swirl Around You, Will You Stand Strong?

When change happens do you fear you’ll lose yourself? This is a common fear, one I’ve shared with many of my clients. Before I removed and transformed this fear, we feared if we allowed a specific change to happen that we could lose the life we created. Lose the life we spent years building, only to risk it for something greater that we believed could be truly possible.

Our lives can be a constant sea of change. This change can be graceful and beautiful if we allow what is to be, be or this change can be painful if we resist. Having experienced this myself at many times, on many levels, this pain will persist until the natural order is allowed to happen as it is destined to be. From my experience, when I finally release my resistance and embrace change; when I stand strong and let change wash over me, just the opposite happens. Instead of losing myself, I find more of myself. Parts of me that I didn’t know existed and skills I didn’t know I had that combine to expand my vision of what’s truly possible for my life and for me. Instead of losing myself, I let go of the parts that I should have let go a long time ago. As I do, more and more of the intended masterpiece of my life emerges.

Last Saturday we held our first all day training program. It was a beautiful, transformative day and I loved teaching and healing from the stage. As I type this I remember my horror-ridden 7th grade self who preferred to die rather than stand in front of her social studies classmates reading her essay. If you can imagine a terrified, shaking lanky girl with a death grip on her notebook paper, then you’ll have a glimpse of what I looked like as I stood in front of my class.

As you can imagine for me to be speaking from the stage all day on Saturday as if it was the most natural place for me to be, it required a sea of change within the fears I had swirling deep within me. Fears of being seen, voicing my opinion and feeling unworthy (in many different flavors). All of these would have kept me from the stage and in my heart of hearts I know teaching and healing from the stage is where I’ll spend a majority of my time going forward. Gratefully Saturday there was no fear, no sweat – just a loving sea flowing through me to create transformation within our attendees.

If you’d known me back in the 7th grade or even 2 years ago, you would never have connected the woman on the stage as being the same person. That is the power fears and limiting beliefs, lurking within the subconscious mind, have over us. It is only when we lovingly understand what they are and choose to change them that we can breakthrough and move forward to fulfill the greater missions for our lives.

As I sat on my patio preparing my heart to meditate, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty and grace of the plants and trees blowing in the wind. Their leaves and branches swayed with the wind’s rhythmic flow. As they swayed with ease, I noticed the absence of resistance. There was no anger, fear or hatred directed at the blowing wind. The plants and trees didn’t stand in defiance or distain because the wind disturbed their natural state or their day. They knew and accepted the winds of change because they always blow; they are a natural part of life that strengthens them so they can stand strong when the catastrophic winds blow.

Gracefully they allow the change to occur and let go, knowing they are safe because they are doing exactly what they were created to do. We are no different from the plants and trees as we cannot stop whatever is to come from coming. We can only stand strong within our deeply rooted foundations to allow the sea of change to blow and accept what is meant to change within us. Trusting that this change will enable us to move to the next level, to the next phase of our lives that will lead us closer and closer to fulfilling our greater missions.

How beautiful life would be if we gracefully allowed life’s natural changes to just be. To allow, encourage, embrace, love and welcome these changes as they occurred instead of resisting them. Resistance only creates heartache, grief, shame, guilt and delayed progress as we are always moving forward to something greater, even if it is too great to understand in the moment.

May the winds of change gracefully flow through your life!

With much love and compassion,