When Is It Time To Let Go Of Dreams So They Can Find You?

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When Is It Time To Let Go Of Dreams So They Can Find You?

As I walked on the beach last night, or at least the little of the beach that was left because the tide was high, the lyrics “the tide is high but I’m holding on” played through my mind.

I’ve been holding onto a dream, sometimes too tightly and other times pretty loosely, yet still holding on. I’ve come to realize that sometimes it is best to let dreams go and let them find us, to allow them to gracefully unfold instead of willing them to happen.

After we’ve done all we can possibly do and it’s in another’s hands, there really is nothing left to do except to let go. Holding on to someday when someday may never come is unloving to ourselves.

When we step back to allow things to gracefully unfold, life seems to flow with greater ease. So I’ve realized it is time to let go of a dream I’ve held onto for well over 1 1/2 years.

Our thoughts, our attitude, our state of “being” all have energy. This energy can be positively charged to attract to us what we think, believe and say (whether good or bad as the subconscious mind cannot discern the difference, it only wants to create what we “want” to create by the instructions we continuously feed it through our words, thoughts and beliefs).

Therefore we can box ourselves into a story that may or may not be true. These stories have tremendous power and can hold us back in life when they prevent us from living in the present moment. To receive the abundant blessings life has to offer we must break through these stories, move forward and create a new story, a bigger story.

Additionally this energy can be negatively charged. When it is this energy creates resistance that blocks the very things we are trying to create from being created.

Our thoughts are magnetic – they can attract good or bad things to us based on what we focus on so be sure to choose your words, your thoughts, your beliefs wisely. When you do, your dreams can come true.

While I’m not giving up on this dream, I am letting go because as the song continues “I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like that”. This dream is a bird I let go with love and pray the beauty of this dream finds me when it is ready.

May all your dreams come gracefully true for you!

With Love & Gratitude,