Transformation Has a Dark Side

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Transformation Has a Dark Side

Has your life altered, shifted or changed? Are you in the midst of a major transformation? If so you may know from experience that transformation can have a dark side, sometimes a very dark side. I’ve traveled through the dark and very dark sides of transformation multiple times, which is why I’d like to share my journey. It’s my hope to share with those who are beginning or in the midst of a transformation as my journey will provide insight into what they may experience along the way. If their transformation gets dark simply knowing there can be a dark side will help them make it through.

Especially because the dark side of transformation can be awfully scary when you don’t know anyone who’s gone through this before you, someone who understands what you’re going through and can guide you safely from the seemingly endless dark back into the light. Sadly many people don’t make it out of the dark because they lose hope and give up trying to break through it. I don’t want that to happen to you or anyone else because there is always light just beyond the dark.

As I evolved through my transformations, I realized that when a life-altering experience catapults us onto a new path in life it takes a while to regain our footing especially, if like me, you are to transform into a whole different person much like a caterpillar into a butterfly. When you get to the end (which is always a new beginning), you’re no longer able to recognize the person you had been. That’s my story; that was my journey.

Life as I knew it took an abrupt halt over 15 years ago when a devastating experience at work forced me to confront the most significant defining moment of my life. Outwardly I was very successful, but inwardly I was unhappy, unfulfilled, unsettled. Working excessive hours and being a single mom, I was too busy to pay attention to the turmoil brewing deep inside me. Until one day the mountain I’d been climbing collapsed. Devastated I “woke up” to realize my “success” wasn’t success at all.

Feeling empty, I stood at a major crossroad in life where I stopped long enough to listen to the quiet voice within that had been trying to get my attention for a long time. While I had a lot of questions, I had no answers. I didn’t know what I wanted, what my heart longed for or how to fill the void deep within me; but I did know it wasn’t doing what I was doing.

So I quit my job and began searching for what I really wanted and how I could make my life more meaningful. Unaware of a lot of things I started my adventure without a compass, map or guide to show me the way. I wandered around, got lost, spent a lot of money trying to figure it out, took wrong paths, made course corrections and painfully found my way. While priceless; the journey was also scary, long and dark as I confronted my fears, let go of who I thought I was, and accepted who I was created to be.

For the majority of my life I’d been the consummate overachiever who unconsciously was driven by heartache to prove I was loveable, I mattered and could make a difference. Throughout my adventure I realized this was a wall of protection I hid behind because deep down I felt unworthy, unloved, unseen. Not even graduating #1 in my MBA program seemed to matter.

As it turned out I’d wandered for over 10 years trying to find my way. Then a major shift happened unexpectedly after I moved about 1,000 miles away from everything I’d ever known seeking to find what I’d been searching for. When I got to my new city the things I’d been doing to be successful stopped working. Not knowing what else to do, I worked harder doing the same things and still they didn’t work. Deep down I knew I was to go a different path, but I was too afraid because doing what I’d been doing was all I knew how to do.

Stubbornly I persisted until again I reached another defining moment. This one was dark, very dark; it was here I had to finally let go of the person I thought I was so I could become the person I was created to be. On my knees in the kitchen I begged God to send me someone who had traveled this journey before me, someone who could lead me out of the dark back into the light. His response was one of the many breakthroughs throughout my transformation; He said it was my responsibility to figure out how to get out of the dark so I could take others by the hand and lead them out of the dark back into the light.

While not the answer I’d expected, I continued to struggle to find my way out of the dark. As I did I began reading, listening and learning from amazing people I’d never heard of before like Dr. Wayne Dyer. When I did my eyes opened to see what my heart already knew, the greater purpose of my life. So my adventure took another major shift onto a new path of discovery that reconnected me to my soul.

As my soul awakened and my passion grew, I discovered a whole new side of me that was buried deep within. It was this that was the butterfly trying desperately to get out, but there was still struggle I had to do within the cocoon first.

A major breakthrough happened as I learned how to connect with God to gain access into my subconscious mind to uncover, understand and remove my fears and beliefs that were keeping me small. Once these inaccurate fears and beliefs were released I was able to replace them with empowering new beliefs. The change was immediate and the impact powerful, but there was still more to discover as I learned and grew stronger in my understanding of who I really was and why I was here.

As I continued to grow I didn’t share my new skills or what I’d learned about myself with the business community fearing my spiritual (not to be confused with religious) side wouldn’t be accepted or understood. Sadly they remained separate. Yet as I progressed in my growth and development, keeping these worlds separate was tearing me apart and not allowing my business clients to benefit from the powerful transformation within that I’m able to help them create. To be whole, to be free, to be true to me I had to step fully into my authentic self and incorporate them into one; when I did it gave me the freedom to be me.

Sharing these powerful skills I’m able to help clients understand what’s going on within their subconscious mind, uncover false fears and beliefs that are sabotaging their efforts, break through what’s holding them back, and overcome what’s preventing them from moving forward to claim what’s truly possible for their life. If left alone and unchanged, what’s in their mind will keep them in the dark and out of the light because they’ll not be able to become, have or do all that’s truly possible.

To become all that we want to be and to break out of the dark back into the light, it’s critical to let go and allow the person we were created to be to emerge gracefully like an extraordinary, beautiful butterfly. Resisting only prolongs the dark and causes much more pain than is necessary; I learned this the hard way. Because a time comes when we must understand why we were created; it’s at this time we experience the most significant transformation of our lives.

Possibly you’re in the midst of this transformation right now, seeking to understand why you are here and/or how to move from the dark back into the light. If you are, I’m here to help because I understand what you’re going through and how difficult it is to go through it alone without a compass, map or guide. Having gone through numerous dark transformations, I’ve used those experiences to create the compass and the map so I can be your guide. You don’t have to do it alone, I can help.

If you’d like help, email me from my “Get In Touch” page at to set up a free conversation where I’ll listen to understand what you’re going through and provide some ideas to help you move forward. Sometimes it’s just one idea that turns our whole life around; let me help you through your transformation by contacting me (Janice) today.