The Transformational Power of Love

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The Transformational Power of Love

Love has the power to completely transform us. This love begins with loving ourselves. From my work and my own personal experience, learning to love ourselves doesn’t come easy. Yet to love ourselves is part of the transformation quest we take in life. If we don’t feel loved or loveable by ourselves, then it is difficult to feel loved by another.

While not easy, when we learn to love ourselves unconditionally this is the most generous gift we can give ourselves. It wasn’t until my transformation quest that I gave myself this gift; it was one of my most difficult lessons.

My journey to find love, forgiveness and meaning began after an earth shattering event caused my life as I knew it to collapse out from under me over 16 years ago. This event led me to make the choice to walk away from stressful 60 hour work weeks that left me empty in search for something more. While I had no idea what that “more” was, I knew I would find my answers.

What I didn’t realize is where this journey would lead me and the transformation I’d undergo. My identity had been tied to the labels given to me and accepted by me from the time I was born until the time I broke through them. Like many, I had been boxed in by rules, beliefs, fears, responsibilities, and expectations. I thought I knew who I was, but when I let these all go and removed all the protective layers I hid behind I discovered what was buried deep inside me. When I did, I got to meet my true self, my Sacred self, for the first time.

I’ll admit it wasn’t love at first sight. As God revealed who I was and what my life’s greater mission was, they were far from what I ever imagined. To put it lightly, it was a growing process, an evolution to get to know myself and embrace the natural talents and abilities I’d been given to fulfill my life’s greater mission. It definitely was an epic adventure and the greatest act of self love. From all of this, for the first time, I can truly say I love myself unconditionally and I wouldn’t change a thing because everything had meaning and purpose to create the life I live today.

The result of my transformation is embracing all of me and sharing my natural talents and abilities in my new business, Global Institute For Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment at As I transition from my old business to my new business, I wanted to share a Valentine’s Day gift with you that will help you learn to love yourself more and open to new possibilities. This gift comes from one of my 12 BREAKTHROUGH™ strategies used within the service BREAKTHROUGH To Your Life’s Greater Mission™.

Valentine’s Day Gift

To begin take some quiet time to get still and think about the below questions. When you’re ready to answer them, I highly recommend you journal your responses or record your thoughts so you can read them or add additional thoughts later. Next it will add a lot of value as you answer these questions, if you’re willing, to let go of all the expectations that have been placed upon you by your career, family, people and yourself. Give yourself the freedom to have no rules for your life; you no longer have to fit in a box or have limits on what you can achieve. Whatever you haven’t done, but always thought you should, no longer matters. It’s just you alone with your heart searching for truth, love and meaning.

Let go, allow and love whatever thoughts come into your heart to flow onto the paper without analyzing or judging them. Only you will know your answers so be completely honest with yourself because this honesty is an important aspect of self love. Please go within to find your answers to these questions:

  • What do YOU really want? (ex. Possibly it is the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to live or the impact you’ve always wanted to create in the world.)
  • Who are you really? Are you really the person you’re living every day or are you doing things that aren’t completely aligned with your true self? (ex. Are you in a career that doesn’t allow your creativity to come forth and be expressed?)
  • What makes your heart excited and energized? (ex. Is it being in nature or building an orphanage?)
  • What fills you with peace, joy, freedom, meaning and fulfillment? (ex. Is it being with God, creating your own business, understanding and fulfilling your life’s greater mission?)
  • What’s keeping your from having these today? (ex. Is it money, lack of education, personal boundaries? Whatever it is there may be a way to change it so you can have what you want. There are no limits except the limits we accept for ourselves.)
  • With all this in mind, what is the 1 thing you can do or change today to follow your heart, embrace who you are and love yourself more?

Once you’ve answered these questions appreciate, respect and love who and where you are today. Use your answers as building blocks to create a bigger vision and understand your life’s greater mission.

Happy Valentine’s Day, enjoy your gift.