The Greatest Love of All Is YOU!

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The Greatest Love of All Is YOU!

You ARE the greatest love of all! A Love so great it’s indefinable, infinite and inclusive of every person and living thing.

Holidays like Valentine’s Day, while beautiful, can also be painful as the true essence of love gets clouded by roses, diamonds, candy, dinner or gifts. Through society, upbringings and personal experiences (especially traumatic ones) natural boundaries form around love as we attempt to make sense of it. Yet in attempting to define love we make the limitless, limited.

Can you imagine what would happen in our lives, our relationships, our world if we accepted that it is okay to not understand this Perfect Love and stopped:

  • trying to define Love?
  • putting conditions around Love?
  • piling expectations upon it?
  • attempting to make the incomprehensible, comprehensible?
  • boxing Love into less than it is?

True unconditional Perfect Love goes deep and wide, encompassing all there is without exceptions or exclusions. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or what you’ve said because love overlays them all and they are all completely, unequivocally forgiven. You will never be loved any less for anything you’ve done because this pure Perfect Love does not remember, does not fault, does not blame, does not point fingers, does not chastise, does not discriminate, does not label and does not judge – it only loves you unconditionally, wholly and completely.

Does it make sense how impossible these actions would be because they’re imperfect, therefore impossible? Perfect has no flaw, fault or blame. Perfection is beyond our ability. No matter how extremely hard we try to be perfect we were not created perfect, nor are we expected to be perfect. We are simply expected to love ourselves and others as we would love ourselves.

You are and will always be loved by this Perfect Love for exactly who you are because you are considered the greatest love of all. You do not have to prove yourself worthy of this love – you are 100% worthy. You do not have to earn this love you – it is your birthright. You do not have to do anything because you are this love. You are, we all are a sliver of our Creator who made us in His image of perfect love.

Is it possible then for you to accept that you are perfect love? Coming to terms with and believing this truth may not be easy for you, at first it wasn’t for me. This love is not something we can believe with our minds, we can only know deep within our hearts when we connect, meet and develop a relationship with our Perfect Love.

Going deep within your heart without fear and opening up to your Perfect Love takes loving yourself and believing you are worthy of this love. Believing you are worthy is critical so let me reinforce what I said earlier – you are 100% worthy of this Perfect Love just the way you are for who you are – please don’t believe otherwise because that is unloving to you and your Perfect Love.

Learning how to love myself was difficult to comprehend and embrace because growing up in a home devoid of love didn’t provide role models to teach me how to love others much less myself. If you feel self love is foreign, confusing or uncomfortable to you, I completely understand how you feel.

Loving ourselves is a daily journey as I’ve come to understand key components of self love is:

  • being kind to yourself
  • not beating yourself up when you do something wrong
  • forgiving yourself
  • accepting you are not perfect
  • knowing you are always doing the best you can do in the circumstances you are in – nothing more is possible

For those of us who grew up without much love, approval, acceptance, safety or security how is it possible for us to understand love and learn how to love ourselves? Therein lays the difficulty for a large majority of us who may have struggled with accepting this Perfect Love as truth.

While love is confusing because it’s indefinable, love becomes less confusing when we remove expectations and break down boundaries that confine and restrict love within what it is not. Learning how to truly love, accept and forgive yourself is the most precious, priceless gift you can give yourself this Valentine’s Day and always. When you do you will get a glimpse of the greatest love that you are and a glimmer of how your Creator sees you, adores you, and loves you unconditionally with no strings attached.

When we love ourselves we are able to spread more love in our lives, families, communities, businesses and world. It is possible to shift our world back into the world of love and peace this Perfect Love intended it to be. Each act, each word, each hug matters. May you open your heart to accept, embrace, and welcome this Perfect Love that is your birthright, that is You! When you do you’ll hear, “Welcome home!”