Breakthrough Success Leader

Breakthrough Success Leader™

Breakthrough Success Leader is private, confidential executive coaching to help those who have gone through a life-altering experience that woke them up to take an honest look at their lives.  When this happened they had a lot of questions but few answers sending them on a quest to find the answers that would transform their lives to provide more meaning and fulfillment; this is where we fit in and our help begins.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. About 45% of successful executives have had a life-altering experience when they were between the ages of 34 and 52 years old that ignited a desire for more. This happened to me when a devastating experience abruptly woke me up and caused me to question my life, my success and my values; changing my life forever and sending me on a quest to understand the “more” I wanted for my life. Once I understood my “more” included helping others who are going through similar life-altering experiences, I synthesized what worked and created Breakthrough Success Leader’s 12 BREAKTHROUGH Strategies™ that are used as a roadmap to help them find their “more” and create their Breakthrough Success™.

With the 12 BREAKTHROUGH Strategies we help you:

  • Make it through the dark and painful times that life-altering events can create
  • Take a fresh, objective look at your life to gain understanding and discover what your “more” is
  • Make sense of your life altering event(s) and defining moment
  • Answer difficult questions like:
    • “Why does my life exist?”
    • “Who am I really after all the labels, rules, beliefs, expectations and more are removed?”
    • “What makes me unique?”
    • “What’s success?”
    • “What do I value more than anything?”
    • “What would give my life more meaning and more fulfillment?”
    • “What do I long to do with my life?”
  • Understand what’s going on within the subconscious mind to uncover false fears and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts, overcome what’s holding you back, and  move forward to fulfill what’s truly possible for your life
  • Create a vision for the life you want to create
  • Develop a Breakthrough Success Strategic Action Plan™ that we’ll use as a compass to help guide your transformation and achieve your greater vision

Ultimately when we’re able to make sense of life-altering events and defining moments we’re able to understand their greater meaning.  Once the greater meaning is understood, this will guide your transformation.

If you’re at the beginning or in the midst of a transformation and want to talk with someone who has traveled this journey before you click here to schedule a private, confidential and complimentary consultation with me, Janice Stefanus. I understand what you’re going through and am here to help.

“Nothing is more powerful than a person
who knows his destiny & has chosen
now as the time to pursue it.”
Jim Stovall