Breakthrough Success Speaking

Impactful Speaking

“Insightful, inspirational and transformational” talks filled with actionable ideas, relevant insight and effective strategies that your company and you can implement immediately to create Breakthrough Success™ in your life and business. Throughout her talks Janice empowers participants to focus from the inside out, encourages new ways of thinking and provides meaningful insight to help your company and you move forward faster to reach a higher level of success.

As a transformational leader, visionary, strategist and maximizer; Janice is an insightful and inspirational speaker that moves people to action by sharing real stories, relevant insight and actionable strategies to help your company and you achieve Breakthrough Success™.

Formats That Deliver Results

Whether you’re in the midst of annual planning or monthly training, Janice adds value in multiple formats to help your company and employees increase results. Some specific examples include:

  • Providing key insight and developing actionable strategies during annual planning, strategic business development, or executive strategy sessions
  • Conducting engaging workshops and breakout sessions
  • Motivating and inspiring transformational results within your company or organization’s meeting or events to help it move forward to achieve a higher level of success faster

If you want a brilliant mix of effective business strategies and transformational ideas that deliver results, create impact and inspire action then Janice is the perfect fit for your company’s or organization’s training needs, contact us today.