Crisis alters us. It leads us to a breaking point. It takes us to the edge; at the edge there is no light.

  • We try to keep it together.
  • We painstakingly search for answers to life’s toughest questions.
  • We deliberate ceaselessly over events, but nothing is clear.
  • We feel there’s nowhere to turn.
  • We seek someone to show us the way out of the dark.

There is light. We can help you...

About Global Institute For Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment

Global Institute For Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment is a spiritual haven to:

  • heal from devastating circumstances
  • make it through the darkness
  • find answers to life’s toughest questions
  • restore purpose and meaning
  • enhance spiritual awareness
  • discover the true essence that dwells deep within your soul

Members of all faiths are welcome because we believe we're all One created in the image of God, Who is pure Love.

Our Mission is to be a safe, secure place for all who have faced devastating and traumatic circumstances to receive the hope, empowerment and healing needed to help overcome the adversities of life.

Our Vision is to unite as spiritually-enriched individuals who love and value the uniqueness of each and every person within Our global community. Together, with Love, we support each other in our evolution into Oneness with God.

Who & How We Serve

We Believe In
Divine Love

Those who are guided to us have big missions to fulfill. While they may not know what their life’s greater mission is yet, they do know deep inside they’re meant to accomplish even bigger things.

Together, in partnership, we help people undergoing transformation understand their life's greater mission, move out of the dark, discover who they truly are, overcome obstacles and move forward to fulfill their destiny.

Today we live at a critical time with many challenges. Every person that has a greater mission to be fulfilled is feeling a stirring deep within their soul that can be shaking the very foundation of their life. This stirring is encouraging them to understand what their life’s greater mission is because it is time to step up to fulfill it. If this sounds like you, are you ready?

Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment Services™

Transformation Quest™

Spiritual transformation isn’t easy. In fact it can be scary when beliefs, fears and more that aren’t aligned with our inner truth must be let go and released. As these are let go, more is revealed and we discover what’s preventing us from seeing our inner truth clearly. This can cause us to plummet into agonizing darkness or sink desperately into despair finding it difficult to make it out of the dark.

When spiritual transformation includes periods of darkness these are times of intense change and transformation. Having gone through periods of darkness and learned from experience, it’s extremely difficult to go through these periods of darkness alone. We’re here to help lead you through the dark so you can make it into the Light.

If you’re in the midst of spiritual transformation or a period of darkness we can help guide you with Love and compassion into the Light; contact us today by clicking here.

BREAKTHROUGH To Your Life’s Greater Mission™

Have you wondered why your life exists, even beyond your life purpose? Would you like to understand the higher vision for your life, your life’s greater mission?

If so, we’re here to help. Together we’ll unravel the mysteries of your life to understand what your life’s greater mission is so you can move forward to fulfill it. As we BREAKTHROUGH To Your Life’s Greater Mission™ we’ll connect the dots of your life experiences by creating an Experience Map™ and together we’ll make sense of what’s happened in your life to bring you to where you are today.

Learning your life’s greater mission is a process in rhythm with you because too much information before you're able to believe it can stop you before you get started. Together we’ll allow your mission to unfold gracefully so you can step into your life’s greater mission fully empowered and equipped to move forward successfully.

When you’re ready to understand the greater mission for your life, experience more fulfillment and have a deeper sense of peace we're here to help.

To learn more about how we can help you BREAKTHROUGH To Your Life’s Greater Mission™, click here to contact us.

Shift Into Meaning™

Do you believe you’re destined to do something more meaningful? Possibly you’re to impact transformation, pioneer change or lead innovation?

While you may not know yet what you’re destined to do, you may have an unsettled feeling deep within that you’re meant for something more. This begins a time of understanding what this something more is; questioning where you’re at and where you’re going; and desiring to contribute in an even bigger way.

As you understand, get answers, and embrace contributing in a bigger way; your need to Shift Into Meaning will grow in intensity.

When we Shift Into Meaning we embrace all that’s possible, discover the full extent of who we are, and learn the difference we’re to bring forth into the world.

Ready to Shift Into Meaning™? Contact us today.

Enjoy this video where our Founder, Janice Stefanus, is interviewed on Virginia Parsons' Inspirational Business Women Show to share the Transformational Power of Love.

Divine Healing™

Ultimately healing is a journey of love, forgiveness and God's miracles. Divine Healing helps you let go of the past with love and forgiveness, remove protective layers created to fit in or to be loved, and embrace the present while standing in your power to become all you were created to be.

The benefits our Love-Aligned Members have received from Divine Healing have been numerous and priceless; some benefits include: relationships (spouse, parents, siblings, children), love (self, others), desire to forgive, personal power (standing in power; being seen and heard), fears, beliefs, grief, childhood traumas, trauma (judgment, punishment, persecution), abuse (emotional, psychological, verbal, sexual, physical), past life and between life issues, repeating patterns (financial turmoil, bad relationships, cycles of success and failure), business issues, and more.

Healing has enabled our Love-Aligned Members to love themselves and others, build stronger relationships, share their message, make a difference, create a business aligned with their true desires, live in peace, experience inner joy, move forward with confidence, live a meaningful life, fulfill their life's greater mission, experience a deeper sense of freedom, and more.

For more information on Divine Healing, click here to contact us.

Love-Aligned Healing for Children™

Love-Aligned Healing for Children™ helps children of all ages overcome traumas such as death, divorce, abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Trauma causes children to feel abandoned and betrayed as they struggle to make sense of what's happened. Unable to understand they become isolated and withdrawn emotionally to protect their shattered state from further damage.

The longer the trauma persists and remains unhealed, the greater the emotional damage and the more unstable their life’s foundation becomes. In fact, our early years form much of our life’s foundational beliefs and fears. Consider that within a child’s first 7 years of life 70% of how a child views themselves, others and the world is established. When a child suffers from trauma during these formative ages, they create fears and beliefs that they’re unlovable and unworthy of love. If these fears and beliefs remain unhealed, they negatively impact their life and relationships.

Children who have been traumatized are frequently quiet, shy, emotionally fragile, reserved, and solitary. It's difficult, if not impossible, for children to understand what happened without someone to help them make sense of these events. We can help.

To learn more, click here to contact us today.

Sacred Healing Circles™

Sacred Healing Circles™ are a powerful transformational experience where we come together to as One to learn, grow and heal. Sacred Healing Circles begin with a Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment teaching and close with a group, conscious-level Divine Healing.

Sacred Healing Circle topics are guided by the groups' needs; some examples are: Learning to Love Yourself, Creating Financial Security, Living an Authentic Life, Owning Your Personal Power, Attracting More Abundance, Developing an Intimate Relationship With Your Higher Power and more.

Each Sacred Healing Circle gathers virtual over a teleconference line within a loving community or in person within the greater San Diego area for those who want to bring together a private group to share Sacred Healing Circles with within their home or other private setting.

Click here to learn more at

Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment Classes™

Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment Classes™ are Divinely guided, developed and delivered to provide spiritual enrichment and expand perspectives. 

Some spiritual enrichment opportunities include topics: Why Your Life Matters, Love Yourself More, Embrace Your Authentic Self, Step Into Your Personal Power, How To Make Sense of Life-Altering Events, Spiritual Transformation, Dark Night of The Soul, Understand Your Shadow Self, Spirituality vs. Religion, Spirituality and Business Can Coexist, plus many more.

Click here to contact us to learn more about our Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment Classes™.

Healer Awareness & Enrichment Training™

Healer Awareness & Enrichment Training helps healers awaken and expand into their own unique healing ability. Healing is a Divine blessing that enables us to help those who are open to receive God’s healing and experience His miracles.

Each healer has their own unique ability to heal. All teachings and discussions are Divinely guided to help you open, embrace and expand your unique healing abilities.

Whether you’ve just learned you’re a healer or have known you’re a healer for a long time, we help you connect and develop more fully your skills so you can bring healing into the world in a much bigger way.

For more information about our Healer Awareness & Enrichment Training click here to contact us.

With Love, Darkness Fades™

With Love, Darkness Fades™ is an empowering, inspiring and uplifting experience where our Founder, Janice Stefanus, shares her journey to find meaning, forgiveness and love. Woven within her story are valuable lessons and effective strategies to find the deeper truths of who we are and why we're here.

For more specific information visit by clicking here.

About Janice Stefanus, Founder

Janice Stefanus is the Founder of Global Institute For Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment. Over 15 years ago the foundation of her life collapsed and she chose to walk away from a $20,000/month paycheck as a single mom to search for deeper meaning, forgiveness and love.

Her journey took her through many varied paths and very dark valleys. In the periods of darkness Janice learned to let go, surrender and follow her inner guidance. Seeking the way out of the dark she faced numerous adversities and learned she was hiding behind many protective layers, feelings of unworthiness and beliefs she was unlovable.

Seeking a way out of the dark, Janice implored God to show her how to get out. His response was that it was her responsibility to find the way out of the dark so she could help others out of the dark and into the Light. Janice persisted to find the way out of the dark. Once she found the way and was out of the dark, Janice no longer recognized the person she had been. As the dark faded into the Light, Janice discovered the Love within, her life’s greater mission and her abilities to fulfill it.

Prior to understanding her life’s greater mission and bringing forth Global Institute For Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment, Janice provided business strategy consulting and executive coaching services from her businesses, worked in the corporate world, earned a MBA #1 in class and received a BS, Marketing degree with Cum Laude honors.

Today Janice is devoted to sharing the benefits of her experience and helping others out of the dark and into the Light.

To schedule a private, complimentary Love-Aligned Consultation™ click here to contact us today.

Legal Disclaimer:

All Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment Services are completed in partnership with our Love-Aligned Members and no expressed or implied promises or guarantees are made. Their commitment impacts the results they achieve. When Divine Healing is provided, it can only provide the level and depth of healing each individual will allow, receive and achieve. The healing results others’ have experienced serve only as examples of God’s miracles that are truly possible.

I realize Janice Stefanus and other service providers of Global Institute For Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment are not doctors, psychologists, or licensed healing arts practitioners; if I need any of them I will contact them directly. I understand every effort has been made to accurately represent Global Institute For Love-Aligned Spiritual Enrichment’s services and their potential. I realize each individuals’ success and results are their responsibility and depend solely on his or her willingness, commitment, background, desire, motivation, follow through and participation. Individual results will vary.

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