What We Believe & Value

We Believe…

We believe all people are loved unconditionally for who they are, just the way they are; that they matter and make a difference. That people are what matter in our lives and businesses, which is why we care about helping our clients:

  • Achieve a higher level of success; a success aligned with who they are, what they value and what they want their life and business to stand for
  • Fulfill a greater purpose
  • Live life and deliver services that create intrinsic meaning

We also believe these can exist simultaneously; when they do it is called Breakthrough Success™. Achieving Breakthrough Success benefits companies by:

  • Creating sustainable business growth
  • Growing top line revenues and bottom line profits
  • Increasing employee retention and customer retention
  • Heightening employee engagement and customer engagement
  • Improving operational efficiencies & productivity
  • Elevating your competitive advantage
  • and so much more


Our mission is to help clients successfully through their transformations in life and business. To work alongside them and help them through the sometimes dark periods transformation brings so they can break through, overcome and achieve the greater visions for their lives and businesses.

Core Values & Guiding Principles…

To achieve this mission we live our core values and guiding principles; they are the heart of Breakthrough Success Strategy and define our client relationships:


We believe we were all created for a unique purpose that only we can fulfill in our unique way. To do that we must be our authentic selves, live a life aligned with our values and appreciate the unique individuals we are. We seek everyday to fulfill our authentic purpose and help our clients do the same.

    Customers &
    People First

We respect others and put our clients' best interests and needs first; their success is our success - it's what makes our business meaningful.


We serve with excellence in mind to give our clients the greatest value and services possible in all we do. We love our clients and genuinely care about them and their businesses, relationships and success.


We believe integrity is fundamental and uncompromising. You can trust us to keep promises, honor our commitments, manage our business with high ethical standards, maintain solid morals and behave professionally. Our clients and business partners align with this too.


To deliver exceptional value we share with our clients the depth and breadth of our knowledge, expertise and continuous learning so that our clients benefit from effective strategies, relevant insight, and valuable services.

   Giving Back

We are passionate about serving and supporting orphaned, foster and at-risk youth. We're devoted to investing ourselves, our time, and our money to help these children grow up in a safe, loving, and encouraging environment so that as adults they'll have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

“Service excellence puts you and the customer on the same side.
Instead of being adversaries, you become partners.
If your behavior makes it clear that your intent is to do battle for them
and not against them, you have the basis for successful and satisfying relationships.”

Price Pritchett, Service Excellence!