Meet Janice

Janice Stefanus’ Transformational Breakthrough Journey…

Janice Stefanus’ life took an abrupt halt over 15 years ago when a devastating experience forced her to confront the most significant defining moment of her life. Outwardly Janice was successful, but inwardly she was unhappy, unfulfilled, unsettled. Working excessive hours and being a single mom, she was too busy to pay attention to the turmoil brewing deep inside her.

Until one day Janice “woke up” to realize her “success” wasn’t success at all. Seeking a higher level of success, beyond just financial and material success, she began her transformational journey into an unknown, unseen future. Throughout Janice’s priceless transformation her soul awakened and passion grew as she discovered a whole new side of her that was buried deep within. To be whole, to be free, to be true to ourselves we must embrace our authentic selves and incorporate all aspects of ourselves into one because it is this that gives us freedom.

This is the freedom Janice created for herself as she fully and completely allowed her authentic self to emerge. While transformation can be difficult with unforeseen obstacles, Janice successfully navigated through her own transformation.

Having gone through numerous transformations alone without a compass, map or guide, Janice used her experiences and expertise to create the compass and the map to help others navigate through their own transformations. She understands intimately what transformation takes, what others are going through and what they will experience as they continue to transform, grow and evolve. Frequently it is too difficult to go through alone, which is why Janice is devoted to helping others who are beginning or are in the midst of their transformations achieve their highest possible outcome. If you’re beginning or in the midst of your own transformation and need help from someone who’s gone through it before you, contact Janice today.


Janice’s Expertise Includes…

  • 6+ years successfully navigating numerous personal, professional and spiritual transformations where she learned how to overcome the seemingly unsurmountable obstacles transformation creates
  • 25+ years experience in effective business strategy, consulting, executive coaching, advising, and mentoring
  • Working with hundreds of CEOs, owners and executives within a wide range of private and public companies, including Fortune 50
  • Establishing a unique and expansive perspective by working with clients from a broad array of leadership styles, cultures, industries, geographies and business models
  • Earning a MBA degree with high honors (graduating No. 1 in MBA marketing program) and BS degree in Marketing (Accounting minor) with Cum Laude honors
  • Devoting a significant amount of time and money to continuous professional, personal and spiritual development
  • Incorporating priceless lessons learned from positively breaking through and overcoming challenges in life and business
  • Weaving throughout all of this is the instinctive ability to encourage and help people and businesses grow by inspiring and empowering them to become the greatest version of themselves

If you’re going through a major transformation and are looking for a partner who has successfully gone through numerous transformations, contact us today through our “Get In Touch” page above to schedule a complimentary and private conversation with Janice so she can help you move forward.

Clients’ Comments...  

“Her work for us was HUGE... I don't remember better work, ever..."    

“...Working with Janice has seriously been invaluable...”  

“...highly recommend her for advice on business issues. She epitomizes the description of a trusted advisor...”

“What if you were created for so much more? You have infinite potential and unlimited possibilities to create the life you know is truly possible from deep within you.
It’s your time to be free to be who you were created to be!”

Janice Stefanus