Janice Saved My Company

tonylumpkinQuote_LftI have known Janice Stefanus for over ten years and I highly recommend her for advice on business issues. She epitomizes the description of a trusted advisor. She not only cares about me as her customer, she truly cares about my customers and maximizing our customer relationships.


My IT consulting company was growing more rapidly than I anticipated and I was met with some serious growing pains. Because of Janice’s expertise with IT consulting companies and ability to develop long-term customer relationships, I knew she would be able to reduce the tension and build trust with our customers. She met with my customers to completely understand their perspective about working with LTJ, i.e., what they liked & what they needed to be changed to retain their business. She then worked closely with my customers, my employees and me to implement the necessary changes to not only sustain their business but to increase revenues and profitability.


It is my firm belief that Janice saved my company from imploding and the processes she has put in place have greatly strengthened my company for long-term success. I simply cannot recommend her enough. Quote_Rt

Tony Lumpkin III, Chief Executive Officer, LTJ Management an Information Technology Consulting Company

Strategic "A" Player On Anyone's Executive Leadership List


Quote_LftI have had the pleasure of knowing Janice for many years. She is a consummate professional that cares about her peers and clients and easily earns everyone's respect. She is committed to excellence and it shows in everything she does and in every conversation you have with her. Janice is a strategic "A" player on anyone's executive leadership list, and is HIGHLY recommended to tackle your most challenging initiatives...Quote_Rt

Kevin Burford, Vice President Business Development, Opinions Inc. a business services firm

Working With Janice Has Seriously Been Invaluable


Quote_Lft...Janice's services were significantly more professional, thorough and well organized compared to another consultant I’d hired. I received a tremendous amount of value in a brief period of time. Working with Janice has seriously been invaluable, in a very short amount of time I saw results and her advice made me realize I needed better customer and service strategies; she turned my whole line of thinking around...Janice cares about making sure my client relationships are strengthened, she is concerned about getting a thorough understanding of their needs and beliefs to strengthen our business relationship.


I truly value Janice’s opinion and trust her judgment… she’s become a valuable resource to discuss and advise me on my business needs. I wish I had hired her sooner; I’m confident now my business management, service, quality of product, customer relationships, and profitability will be in better shape. I would advise you to take a strong look at your business and really ask yourself if you could use some help to evaluate where you are and where you hope to go. Bringing in Janice may turn out to be the most important business decision I’ve ever made.Quote_Rt

Rick Bernstein, President, Above & Beyond a marketing & media productions professional service firm

Cornerstone Element in Our Annual Planning


Mike-MayeuxQuote_LftNovotus is known for outstanding customer success and that is a top priority to all of us and a focus point to me as CEO… Her work was a cornerstone element in our annual planning. We were encouraged by the good things reported and urgently compelled to respond to our blind spots. … a seasoned professional who knows what they are doing.


Janice is that person and we will work with her often to sustain this critical flow of data that provides this critical reflection of the value we are working to provide. As a CEO, this is the most important data I receive.Quote_Rt

Mike Mayeux, Chief Executive Officer, Novotus a Recruiting Professional Services Firm & Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider

Uncanny Ability To Zero In On The Underlying Causes


Quote_LftJanice Stefanus is a superbly qualified person to transform the lives of people with whom she comes into contact. She blends her extraordinary intelligence with a high level of compassion and an uncanny ability to zero in on the underlying causes that produce conflict and pain.Her success strategies open the doors that allow people to achieve goals and fulfill desires.


I have experienced first-hand how she changed my life through her intuitive guidance, concrete techniques, and wisdom she has gained through the many challenges she has overcome in her own life. She has helped me achieve breakthrough success in my own business but even more important, she has helped me achieve balance in many areas of my life. I am grateful to Janice for her expertise, and her genuine desire to help me achieve the results I desire.Quote_Rt

Ashira Young, CEO, A professional services organization that helps improve people's lives and the world

Energetic & Creative In Her Approach To Coming Up With Solutions

Quote_Lft…She is energetic and creative in her approach to coming up with solutions. Janice has excellent listening skills and is able to draw critical information from people. I was very impressed with how quickly she built trust with her clients and the people around her. She is an amazing person and professional.Quote_Rt

Harlan Oelklaus, Board Member, Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS)

Genuinely Devoted To Our Success; A Valuable Asset


Quote_LftJanice consulted with TNOYS' Board committee, to help us solicit input from our members as part of our strategic planning process. Her Voice of the Customer (VOC) process was very adaptable and readily tailored to fit our unique needs... Once the interviews were complete, she facilitated a Focus Group discussion to gain additional insight & provided the opportunity for group exchange; participating members were thoroughly engaged & provided invaluable insight to help us achieve our major strategic initiatives.


I'm confident our planning efforts, member value & future direction are greatly enhanced as a result. I found Janice to be professional, responsive, and passionate, with a high level of integrity. It was clear that Janice was genuinely devoted to our success and the success of our project. While ours is a nonprofit corporation, I am certain that Janice’s skills, ability to relate, and solid work ethic make her a valuable asset to business operations of all types.Quote_Rt

Theresa Tod, Executive Director, Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS)

Reporting & Recommended Action Items Were Invaluable


melisawrstQuote_LftWhen I first asked Janice what her true expertise was and why I should hire her, she replied that “it was the innate ability to get people to trust her and to feel comfortable in opening up to her and providing her with insight.” That rang true with me and I know that it is truly a gift that someone has to have to be able to truly “listen” to people and to hear what they are really saying. Janice has this gift.  

Janice did an excellent job for us and shared with us the insights and perceptions from our customers that we needed in order to make changes, know our true strengths and to be able to grow from the process and to build a true Customer First Culture that we truly desire. Janice’s reporting and recommended action items were invaluable and I would highly recommend her ... … to any company…Quote_Rt

Melissa Wurst, Chief Executive Officer, Language Solutions, Inc. a language translation consultancy

Strong Ally to Assess Business Situations, Provide Valuable Feedback & Direction to Achieve Maximum Success


I have grown to appreciate her professionalism and integrity. Janice has proven to be a strong ally, with a strong sense of direction and motivation… She has proven her ability to assess business situations, provide valuable feedback and direction to achieve maximum success… It has been my privilege to work with Janice Stefanus and I would highly recommend her as a trusted business partner. Quote_Rt

Scott Lewis, Chief Information Officer, Clayco

Enabling Others To Succeed; Janice Lives By The Advice She Gives


Quote_LftDedication, Commitment, Resourceful - these are among the first words that come to mind when I think of Janice. Whether it's family, friends, community or customer you can count on her. Janice lives by the advice she gives her customers - you're investing in yourself when you invest in enabling others to succeed. Janice brings this advice to life whether it's by connecting people to each other, serving as an advocate for a child in need, or helping her customers...Quote_Rt

Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing